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Specify which processors in the target system are to be controlled by the emulator.


processorcontrol [= expr]



is a mask value indicating which processors are to be controlled by the emulator.


The processorcontrol control variable allows some processors to be under the control of the emulator while other processors are left alone. The mask value includes one bit per processor with Bit 0 corresponding to the first processor in the JTAG chain, Bit 1 corresponding to the second processor in the JTAG chain, and so on. A value of 1 indicates the processor is controlled by the emulator. A value of 0 indicates the emulator will not access that processor.

Typing processorcontrol without an expression displays the current mask value.

This control variable is only applicable in multiprocessor targets.

  • A mask value of 0 is not allowed.

  • Upper bits (beyond the number of processors in the JTAG chain) are ignored.

  • The Viewpoint view displays a status of ”unavailable” for processors that are not under control of the emulator.

  • Masked processors always have a ”not ready” status.

Example 1

To display the current mask value:

Command input:



3      // P0 and P1 are under control of the emulator

Example 2

To enable run control of only the second processor in a two processor target.

Command input:

processorcontrol = 2