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How to Open the PCI Registers View From the PCI Devices Window

  1. Open the PCI Registers view by double-clicking an entry in the PCI Devices window, by clicking on View Registers from the menu bar, or by right-clicking an entry and selecting View Registers from the context menu.

The PCI Register view displays, showing the standard set of PCI registers for the currently selected PCI function in the PCI Devices window.

  1. Change the PCI device shown by selecting a different entry in the PCI Devices window while it is open.

The standard registers are shown by default.

  1. Use the PCI Registers view context menu to choose the display format and control automatic updating.

Standard Registers only displays the standard PCI-compatible registers set. Byte, Word, and Dword items display all the registers in a hexadecimal format. This is 256 bytes for PCI functions and 4096 bytes for PCI Express functions.

  1. Enable Auto Update to have the PCI Registers view refresh itself each time the target stops.