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Reset specified target system functions.


reset emulator

reset [ target [0 | 1] ]

reset tap [(jtag-chain)]



resets the emulator.


resets the target and the target processor.


resets the target Test Access Port (TAP) by asserting/deasserting the TRST signal.


is an optional parameter that specifies on which jtag chain to assert the reset.


Use the reset command to reset the target, emulator, or JTAG chain. All active SourcePoint windows are refreshed with the reset command regardless of the option used.

When the reset target command is used, it implies waiting for the emulator to return a status 18 (stopped and ready to debug) for the target. If this condition is not met, a macro containing reset waits indefinitely. If the target argument is used with a value of 0, the macro continues and does not wait for a stopped status. (See examples below.)

Example 1

To reset the target system (all three forms behave the same way; the macro being executed pauses until the emulator senses the stopped state):

Command input:

reset target
reset target(1)

Example 2

To reset the target system (in this case, the macro being executed proceeds no matter what state is returned from the emulator):

Command input:

reset target(0)

Example 3

To reset all jtag chains:

Command input:

reset tap

Example 4

To reset the jtag chain 0:

Command input:

reset tap(0)

Example 5

To reset the emulator.

Command input:

reset emulator

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