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Options Menu - Emulator Connection Menu Item

An emulator connection is the communications link between SourcePoint software and hardware (emulator) connected to a user's target system. You may choose from:TCP/IP (direct or network), USB or DCI.

The information below briefly describes each of the fields and buttons in the Emulator Connection dialog box. Actual setup depends on a number of variables, including your choice of connections and your network configuration. For this reason, a single set of connection instructions is insufficient, and multiple instructions placed one after the other can be confusing. For information on setting up a specific type of connection, see the last portion of this topic.

Select Options|Emulator Connection from the menu bar. The Emulator Connection dialog box displays. It is used to view and modify emulator connections.

Emulator Connection dialog box

Current Connection section. The Current Connection section displays the connection currently in use.

Connections list box. The Connections list box displays the available emulator connections. Connection names and selected attributes are displayed. To change the current emulator connection, highlight the connection desired, and then click the Select As Current Connection button and click the OK button. Alternatively, you can double-click the desired connection and click then click the OK button.

  • Add/Remove. These buttons are self explanatory.  

  • Properties. This button takes you to the connection properties box of the highlighted connection.

  • TCP/IP Setup. This button takes you to a wizard that guides you through the TCP/IP connection process. For more information, review the topic in "Installation Overview" found under Installation that corresponds to your emulator.

For More Information

  • For information on how to set up an emulator connection for the first time, see the Getting Started guide that shipped with your unit.

  • For detailed information on how to add an emulator connection, select the topic, "Add Emulator Connections" under the "How To - SourcePoint Environment," part of SourcePoint Environment.