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How to Add and Expand Registers in a Watch View

Adding Registers to a Watch View

  1. Open the Symbols window.

  2. Select an empty Watch tab.

  3. Open the Registers window.

  4. Move the windows so that you can easily see both views.

  5. In the left-hand pane of the Registers window, click on the type of register group you want to view. From the right-hand pane, select the register you want to move into the Watch view.

  6. Click and drag that register into the Watch view.

The register and its value move together. The register is fully editable in the Watch view. Changes made in the Watch view are automatically updated in the Registers window.

Example of some registers dropped into Watch view in Symbols window

Expanding Registers in a Watch View

To expand a register in the Watch view, double-click on the register.


EFLAGS register drug into Watch view of Symbols window and expanded