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When doing hypervisor-oriented vulnerability research back in the day, I wished that tools like these were accessible for independent researchers. People who are starting now don’t realize how lucky they are for having a product like SourcePoint available and being able to DCI debug out of the box.

The ASSET team has done something really really cool, democratising access to previously VERY expensive NDA gated Intel JTAG debugging tools, the session he did on Off by One security was a lot of fun and showed him inspecting secure kernel bring up, the fact this entire setup is possible for just over 1k USD blows my mind.

Daniel D, Vulnerability Researcher | Reverse Engineering, Exploit Development & Program Analysis

Now, for the first time ever, the power of the SourcePoint JTAG hardware-assisted debugger is combined with the Microsoft Windows OS-aware functionality of WinDbg. Kernel and user code can be debugged within the combined environment with power and usability that has never been achieved before. Combine the low-level capabilities of JTAG: SMM breakpoint support, Intel Processor Trace, Architectural Event Trace (AET), and many other very powerful features; with the de facto Windows debugger from Microsoft.

But it gets better. With the built-in hypervisor debug support within SourcePoint, you can debug Windows Hyper-V, Secure Kernel, and Virtualization-Based Security (VBS) features to an extent never possible before. Set breakpoints for VM Launch, VM Resume and VM Exit; explore Guest <-> Host mode transitions; and view the Host and Guest VMCS, reading and writing to any possible fields therein.

Commercial Off The Shelf targets that support Intel Direct Connect Interface (DCI) allow JTAG debug of low-cost Intel boards with only a custom USB cable; not requiring an expensive external JTAG hardware probe. Pictured above is the AAEON UP Xtreme i11 Tiger Lake board, that can be purchased from the AAEON UP Shop. NEW: the UP Xtreme i12 Alder Lake is now supported too!

Pricing and Availability

SourcePoint WinDbg is available now.

To facilitate the use of this technology for individual researchers and hobbyists, ASSET is making a limited supply of SourcePoint Home licenses (annual subscription $895/year) available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To learn more about SourcePoint WinDbg, visit our SourcePoint Academy and read the Getting Started Guides.

Want to purchase a SourcePoint Home license? Send an email to, with your contact information, and we’ll get back to you.

Interested in a SourcePoint Enterprise license purchase for work? Contact your ASSET sales representative.