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About SourcePoint

SourcePoint is a platform of debug and trace tools for C/C++ embedded software and firmware for either Intel, AMD and Arm systems.

This robust environment features multiple views into code execution so that bugs are found fast and problems resolved quickly. 

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SourcePoint Products

SourcePoint for Intel

Powerful debugger for complex multiprocessor software on the latest Intel® processors. By working with Intel® Processor Trace and Trace Hub, SourcePoint slashes debug time.

SourcePoint for Arm

Multi-view debug and trace tools for multi-core, multi-threaded Arm SoC software. In tandem with CoreSight’s trace macrocells, SourcePoint quickly identifies root causes of bugs.

SourcePoint for Intel Trace

SourcePoint Trace captures all the details of code execution, with data, enabling pin-point root-cause detection; reducing debug time by as much as 50%.

SourcePoint for Arm Trace

Arm’s built in trace cells add power for the developer to extract execution data. SourcePoint Trace delivers the trace visualization needed for clear insight to the most difficult software bugs.

SourcePoint CScripts

Platform bring up is challenging and time-consuming. SourcePoint supports Intel CScripts to enable rapid insight for UEFI code debug and hardware problems, shortening platform power-on cycles.

SourcePoint for AMD

With new support for AMD’s server product CPUs, SourcePoint brings powerful run-control and UEFI source-level debug capabilities to the latest EPYC processors.

Hardware for SourcePoint

Arium hardware probes and trace port analyzer products are designed to make the developer’s job easier, and we take great care in developing hardware and software that is easy for the user to set up and configure to speed their development time.

Blog Posts About SourcePoint

SourcePoint Command Language Tutorial

An in-depth tutorial on how to use the SourcePoint command language, for system-level debugging automation.

JTAG Debug using DCI on the AAEON UP Xtreme Whiskey Lake board

If you want to learn about UEFI, you have to be able to see the source code and debug it. Here’s how to build a debug Tianocore image on the AAEON UP Xtreme Whiskey Lake board, flash it onto the target, and use SourcePoint to debug it with Intel Direct Connect Interface (DCI).

SourcePoint Hobbyist Update, and Hypervisor Course Review

A status update on SourcePoint Intel JTAG debugger for individual hobbyists and researchers, and a refresher on hypervisor development.

PCI Express LTSSM stress using BMC-based Embedded JTAG/ITP

This past week, I did a webinar in collaboration with the UEFI Forum on JTAG-based UEFI Debug and Trace. This reviewed some of the often-used tools for low-level triage of difficult-to-diagnose, intermittent bugs. Near the end, I demonstrated the usage of technology running directly down on a BMC to perform low-level functions not achievable with firmware or OS-based applications.

SourcePoint Videos