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ScanWorks® tools validate, characterize and test chips and circuit boards in development, manufacturing and field service. Structural integrity tests can be re-used over the product’s life cycle. Statistical analysis and data mining of operating margins validates a design’s probable performance. Learn more about the value of Hardware ValidationChip Debug and Manufacturing Test.

ScanWorks Boundary-Scan Test

Excellent and high-resolution coverage of structural faults. The ScanWorks platform’s boundary-scan/JTAG tools locate defects on individual pins and programs devices quickly.

ScanWorks Embedded Diagnostics

Embedding ScanWorks in-system pays off in a big way. Data leading up to a failure is stored so forensics can find root causes fast. And it works locally or remotely through the cloud.

ScanWorks Fast Flash Programming

Growth in flash programs slowing your production line down? ScanWorks has the Fast Flash in-system programming answers to get your products flying down the line.

ScanWorks FPGA-based Fast Programming

The ScanWorks FPGA-based Fast Programming (FFP) product allows for IP to be inserted into an FPGA that is already part of the design to dramatically speed up in-system device programming versus what can be accomplished with normal boundary-scan programming.

ScanWorks DDR Tuning, Calibration & Test

Saving time and optimizing your design performance are concerns constantly on a designer's mind. ScanWorks’ DDR tuning solution addresses both concerns with unique SoC specific downloadable IP.

ScanWorks Board Functional Test & Device Programming

Increase your board test coverage beyond normal short/open faults by executing at-speed bus tests of the I/O and memory busses with ScanWorks Processor-based Functional Test products. Additionally, get structural coverage where other tests may leave gaps.

ScanWorks IJTAG Test

With IJTAG tools engineers can characterize, test and validate chips and boards through a standardized method (IEEE 1687) for accessing and managing instruments embedded in chips.

ScanWorks Processor-Controlled Test

By tapping into the most powerful instrument onboard – the CPU – ScanWorks PCT performs structural diagnostics, at-speed functional test and board debug in one pass. And without an OS!

ScanWorks FPGA-Controlled Test

The ScanWorks FPGA-Controlled Test (FCT) product allows for IP to be inserted into an FPGA that is already part of the design to perform validation of buses, functional testing and other tests complementing your boundary scan tests for improved test coverage.

SourcePoint® is a platform of debug and trace tools for C/C++ embedded software and firmware for either Intel® or ARM® systems. This robust environment features multiple views into code execution so that bugs are found fast and problems resolved quickly. Learn more about the value of Software Debug, Hardware Validation and Chip Debug.

SourcePoint for Intel

Powerful debugger for complex multiprocessor software on the latest Intel® processors. By working with Intel® Processor Trace and Trace Hub, SourcePoint finds bugs fast, slashing debug time.

SourcePoint for ARM

Multi-view debug and trace tools for multi-core, multi-threaded ARM SoC software. In tandem with CoreSight’s trace macrocells, SourcePoint quickly identifies root causes of bugs.

SourcePoint Intel Trace

SourcePoint Trace captures all the details of code execution, with data, enabling pin-point root-cause detection; reducing debug time by as much as 50%.

SourcePoint ARM Trace

ARM’s built in trace cells, like ETB, PTM and STM all add power for the developer to extract execution data. SourcePoint Trace delivers the trace visualization needed for clear insight to the most difficult software bugs.

SourcePoint CScripts

Platform bring up is challenging and time-consuming. SourcePoint supports Intel CScripts to enable rapid insight for UEFI code debug and hardware problems, shortening platform power-on cycles.

SourcePoint for AMD

With new support for AMD’s server product CPUs, SourcePoint brings powerful run-control and UEFI source-level debug capabilities to the latest EPYC processors.

A wide variety of hardware modules and accessories are available for the SourcePoint® and ScanWorks® platforms.

Hardware for SourcePoint

SourcePoint supports by a robust debug environment, which includes a variety of hardware options such as probes, trace port analyzers, adapters and interposers.

Hardware for ScanWorks

A range of hardware modules connect ScanWorks to the unit under test. Users select the controller or accessory best suited to the requirements of development, manufacturing or repair.