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Software Debug

All the tools you need to debug and trace Intel, AMD and Arm embedded applications in one place.

Hardware Validation

Quickly validate both hardware/firmware interactions and operating margins in our design.

Chip Debug

Verify, test and characterize SoCs, FPGAs and ASICs pre- and post-tapeout.

Manufacturing Test

Non-intrusive test technologies to maximize test coverage and diagnostics.

Product eBooks

Implementing boundary scan Design for Test (DFT) guidelines adds the unique capability of accessing onboard boundary scan test resources for a non-intrusive test which provides open and short faults coverage.

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SourcePoint Command Language Tutorial

An in-depth tutorial on how to use the SourcePoint command language, for system-level debugging automation.

US Government playing Football with Semiconductor Market?

As most of us know, football season began across America last month, with both college and the NFL seasons starting. With the recent moves by our Federal Government, it seems they have a bit of a football game strategy when it comes to the semiconductor market segment.

Everything You Need to Know About ScanWorks Interconnect (Part 2)

What is the meaning of the word “interconnect”? As the word is applied in the field of electronics, interconnect, as defined at, defines the word as follows. “An interconnect (generally speaking) is a physical or logical connection between two electronic devices or networks.” Printed circuit boards (PCB) consisting of hundreds, sometimes, thousands, of interconnected integrated circuits (IC) and other active and passive devices are essential in today’s electronic world.

Everything You Need to Know About ScanWorks Interconnect (Part 1)

To tell the story of Interconnect, we must go back in time to the printed circuit board (PCB) test industry prior to the year 1990. At that time, electronics manufacturers relied upon a hands-on approach to test PCBs for structural integrity.

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