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Software Debug

All the tools you need to debug and trace Intel, AMD and Arm embedded applications in one place.

Hardware Validation

Quickly validate both hardware/firmware interactions and operating margins in our design.

Chip Debug

Verify, test and characterize SoCs, FPGAs and ASICs pre- and post-tapeout.

Manufacturing Test

Non-intrusive test technologies to maximize test coverage and diagnostics.

Product eBooks

ScanWorks users can bridge the coverage gap between boundary scan and functional test via its Component action. This action allows for testing of non-boundary scan devices, such as analog to digital converters (ADCs), digital to analog converters (DACs), Ethernet PHYs, LED, switches, clocks, and other non-boundary scan devices through the PCBs boundary scan infrastructure.

Latest Articles & Press Releases

Webinar: Beyond printf

In collaboration with the UEFI Forum, I’ll be presenting Beyond Printf: Real-Time UEFI Debugging on Wednesday, October 27th, 2021 at 10am CT. Register here: to watch the session live, and/or later view the recorded video. What powerful new debugging and trace features exist on the latest Intel silicon? Continue reading, or watch the webinar.

Using the Intel Trace Hub for at-speed printf

For debugging firmware, print statements (“printf”) are often our most powerful tool: some bugs are caused by complex sequences of events that are too long and intricate to root-cause using just breakpoints and watch windows. In this article, I write about my explorations into “at-speed printf”.

JTAG-based debug of AMD servers: webinar notes

Earlier this year, I did a webinar on using our SourcePoint JTAG-based debugger on AMD EPYC platforms. Below is the transcript of the audio, for those who prefer to read some of the material.

[Webinar] Squeezing out more test coverage with Component Action

Our upcoming webinar, to be held on Tuesday, August 31st, 2021 at 10:30am Central Time and presented by ASSET's Michael R. Johnson, will describe the Component Action methodology, provide an in-depth view of the programming model, and demonstrate examples on a live target.

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