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Platform for Software Debug and Trace
Platform for Embedded Instruments
More Visibility Where It Counts

Software Debug

All the tools you need to debug and trace Intel, AMD and Arm embedded applications in one place.

Hardware Validation

Quickly validate both hardware/firmware interactions and operating margins in our design.

Chip Debug

Verify, test and characterize SoCs, FPGAs and ASICs pre- and post-tapeout.

Manufacturing Test

Non-intrusive test technologies to maximize test coverage and diagnostics.

Product eBooks

This eBook will chronicle our own experiences with dealing with these problems and use a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) board to delve deeply into the testing. We will emphasize the testing of DDR memory both structurally and functionally.  A Design For Test (DFT) analysis of the target board starting with the System on Module (SOM) and continuing with the Carrier Card (CC) will be described.

Latest Articles & Press Releases

Everything You Need to Know About ScanWorks Interconnect (Part 1)

To tell the story of Interconnect, we must go back in time to the printed circuit board (PCB) test industry prior to the year 1990. At that time, electronics manufacturers relied upon a hands-on approach to test PCBs for structural integrity.

Semiconductor Test: What opportunities are created by passing the CHIPS bill?

The CHIPS Act as a byproduct will create a fantastic opportunity for high-paying semiconductor test, design-for-test and validation engineering jobs for America.

What are Chipkits?

Cyber attackers use Rootkits to implant malware using Operating System internals. Bootkits are for more persistent implants, targeted toward UEFI firmware vulnerabilities. But, what if you go lower down, into the silicon? This is a Chipkit.

New Features in SourcePoint 7.12.22

Our new SourcePoint Intel release, 7.12.22, is now in production and available to all subscribers. Our most polished, fully-featured release yet, it adds the following features:

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