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Platform for Software Debug and Trace
Platform for Embedded Instruments
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Software Debug

All the tools you need to debug and trace Intel, AMD and Arm embedded applications in one place.

Hardware Validation

Quickly validate both hardware/firmware interactions and operating margins in our design.

Chip Debug

Verify, test and characterize SoCs, FPGAs and ASICs pre- and post-tapeout.

Manufacturing Test

Non-intrusive test technologies to maximize test coverage and diagnostics.

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Coding to the SED API: Part 5

In this installment of the Coding to the SED API series, we’ll look at the SED functions that access the OOBMSM, and use it for super-fast retrieval of hardware telemetry data.

Webinar: Embedded JTAG/boundary scan for Built-In Self Test

Attend our webinar on using JTAG as firmware for implementing boundary scan as Built-In Self Test.

The UP Squared Chronicles Episode 5: Installing and Debugging Windows 10

I hadn’t done anything with my Apollo Lake-based AAEON UP Squared board for a while. It was time to pull it down off the shelf, install Windows 10, and use SourcePoint to debug the platform.

A Trio of Webinars on x86 JTAG-based Debugging

For each of the months of January, February and March, I did a webinar on JTAG-based debugging. Since each of the video recordings are about 45 minutes long, I thought it would be helpful to point out the highlights of each, if you don’t have time to sit through the full durations. At the risk of sounding immodest, there are some real gems of information within the demos of each webinar.

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Here’s your chance to see how easy it is to debug and test using SourcePoint or ScanWorks. Let us walk you through it!