System-Level JTAG with ScanWorks Dispatcher

Building upon the board-level and system-level guidelines presented in the Design for Test eBook series, in this fourth eBook we examine a software application developed by ASSET InterTech named ScanWorks Dispatcher.

System-level JTAG, or SJTAG, is well-suited for functional tests, device programming, and in-situ diagnostics. It expands the application potential of JTAG significantly beyond the traditional board-level scope of structural tests. When boards are assembled into a system, faults can arise, even with boards that have been previously tested with JTAG. With proper application, JTAG is perfectly suited to detect faults between boards that have been assembled in a system.

ScanWorks Dispatcher is a flexible, high-speed, parallel, boundary-scan test and in-system programming application system for high test throughput. ScanWorks Dispatcher, along with implementing various JTAG architecture designs, multi-drop devices, multi-Test Access Port (TAP) hardware, or embedded software applications, can significantly increase board test coverage and manufacturing throughput.

System-Level JTAG with ScanWorks Dispatcher eBook highlights:

  • ScanWorks Dispatcher capabilities
  • ScanWorks Dispatcher example APIs
  • Elements of a ScanWorks Dispatcher deployment
  • ScanWorks Dispatcher use cases


The guidelines included in the Design for Test eBook series have been assembled over many years of experience by the technical staff of ASSET InterTech, Inc.


Maria Baeck