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Manufacturing Test

The ability to thoroughly test, characterize and diagnose faults and failures with soldered-down memory is one of the most pressing problems in the industry. With ASSET InterTech’s ScanWorks® Boundary-Scan Test, engineers designing with Double Data Rate 4 (DDR4) memory devices can facilitate shorts and opens testing on control, address, and data lines.

Software Debug

Chip Debug

Technology changes over time. Along the way, industry standards must change to keep up with technology. It should come as no surprise that since 1990, when the IEEE 1149.1 Boundary-Scan Standard (JTAG) was ratified, new standards have been needed to better deal with technical issues never imagined three decades ago. Issues like: IP portability, easy IP re-use, embedded chip and board validation and test, scalability, environmental monitoring, sustainability and others.

Hardware Validation

One-shot pass/fail validation testing won’t quantify the risk of faults on serdes and high-speed I/O (HSIO) buses, but data mining with statistical analytic tools will. In fact, you’ll see how close the bus is relative to its eye mask and where those failures are just waiting to happen. Why risk the crashes, poor performance and dissatisfied users?