IEEE 1687 IJTAG | The Future of Embedded Instruments

Accessing and operating embedded instrument IP has not been easy. In fact, it’s been a challenge. But the recently ratified IEEE 1687 Internal JTAG (IJTAG) standard for embedded instruments is changing the way the industry thinks about chip characterization and debug, portable IP, re-targeting test vectors, embedded TAPs, on-chip instrument networks, and how to re-use all that instrumentation embedded in chips to validate, test and debug not only chips, but circuit boards as well.

Our new eBook takes a close look at some of the revolutionary capabilities of IJTAG that may have flown under the radar so far. Topics like managing power domains, instrument concurrence, dynamically scalable scan paths and more.


  • The portability of IP and IJTAG networks
  • Retargeting test vectors
  • Advanced concurrent operations
  • Dynamic scan paths
  • Managing power domains with IJTAG
  • Physical tradeoffs, routing efficiencies
Book cover image