UEFI Framework Debugging | SourcePoint

Spending too much time trying to navigate the growing UEFI code base or debugging UEFI code after you have inserted your module?

The UEFI code base is growing to take advantages of the latest silicon features and software developments. Tools need to adapt to this ever-changing landscape to empower the developer’s abilities to debug and navigate the code. The SourcePoint® latest release has improved insight within UEFI for all developers. Macros and scripts have been developed to shorten the time to insight while debugging. Take advantage of this resource and shorten development/debug time!

The SourcePoint debugger for Intel® has native support for all UEFI-based platforms. Users can set breakpoints, single step, view variables, see the call stack and access all of the feature-rich functionality SourcePoint provides. This includes source-level debugging during the SEC, PEI, DXE and OS Boot phases of UEFI.

Key Points:

  • UEFI Navigation
  • PEI Debugging
  • DXE Debugging
  • SMRAM Debugging
  • HOBs
  • UEFI System Memory Map
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