The MinnowBoard Chronicles

Open-source hardware, firmware and software and a 15-month diary of explorations into x86 Architecture, UEFI, debug & trace, Yocto Linux, and other topics.

Avid blogger Alan Sguigna recorded his hands-on experience with the MinnowBoard Turbot in this fascinating look into the technology of open source. Covering such topics as wide-ranging as LBR Trace, the UEFI SecCore, Yocto Linux image builds, and many more, this is sure to be a “must-read” for everyone with an interest in the technology behind embedded systems.

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Table of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Episode 1: SourcePoint Debugging the MinnowBoard Turbot
  • Episode 2: Updating the UEFI Firmware
  • Episode 3: Building the UEFI Image
  • Episode 4: UEFI Source Code
  • Episode 5: PEIM and DXE
  • Episode 6: LBR Trace
  • Episode 7: Single-Stepping through Code
  • Episode 8: The Reset Vector, and Boot Flow
  • Episode 9: SourcePoint Command Language and Macros
  • Episode 10: The UEFI shell
  • Episode 11: Using Instruction Trace
  • Episode 12: Writing UEFI Applications
  • Episode 13: UEFI Applications using Standard ‘C’
  • Episode 14: Poking around SecCore in UEFI
  • Episode 15: More UEFI Application Development in ‘C’
  • Episode 16: Delving into LBR Trace
  • Episode 17: Using LBR Trace without Source Code
  • Episode 18: Reverse-Engineering Code Execution
  • Episode 19: The Yocto Project
  • Episode 20: Building and Installing Linux
  • Episode 21: Building and Installing Linux, Part 2
  • Episode 22: Project Yocto success!
  • Episode 23: Trying Wind River Pulsar Linux, and taking a break
  • Episode 24: New MinnowBoard, New PC, and a nod to Netgate
  • Episode 25: Yocto builds for the MinnowBoard and the Portwell Neptune Alpha
  • Episode 26: Linux image build segmentation faults on AMD?
  • Episode 27: Segfault on my AMD Ryzen 7 1700X
  • Episode 28: Returning my AMD Ryzen 7 1700X CPU
  • Episode 29: My new AMD Ryzen 7 CPU works, kind of
  • Episode 30: Using all 16 threads on my Ryzen?
  • Episode 31: First attempts to debug the Linux kernel
  • Afterword