IEEE 1687 IJTAG Tutorial | Third Edition

This eBook provides a tutorial on the approved IEEE 1687 Standard for Access and Control of Instrumentation Embedded within a Semiconductor Device, which is commonly referred to as the Internal JTAG or IJTAG standard. The IJTAG standard specifies an efficient management methodology for embedded instruments and enables instrument portability and re-use from one integrated circuit (IC) design to another. At the device level, these instruments embedded in ICs, simply called embedded instruments, may perform IC test and debug, on-going or operational monitoring of the device, functional configuration, and other tasks. At the level of the circuit board where ICs have been deployed, embedded instruments are becoming essential for many board and system test and debug functions.

The IEEE 1687 IJTAG standard is made up of three major sections:

  • Hardware architecture with a serial data transport mechanism that provides access to embedded instruments
  • An access network description language
  • An instrument procedure description language