Step Inside For Better Test Coverage

Manufacturing Test with ScanWorks

One simple platform finds defects fast.

Hands placing a memory card into a slot on a circuit board

Memory Debug Diagnostics

For structural test you can’t beat diagnostic insight down to the level of a single pin. But that’s just the start for the ScanWorks platform and its many manufacturing test tools. Need functional at-speed testing too? And memory debug? ScanWorks has it all. And much more.

Asset-branded hardware

Parallel Test & Programming

The beat rate goes on and on. Keeping up takes a high-throughput, cost-effective parallel test and programming platform. That’s ScanWorks. Drive your JTAG tests and fast flash programming externally or embed ScanWorks in-system. Shift resources where needed, when needed with global licensing and Ethernet connectivity.

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Worldwide Direct Support

ScanWorks is supported directly by our own field engineering staff located locally across the globe. They’re in your or your contract manufacturer’s time zone. Speaking the local language. Understanding your problems. We’re ready when you are. Just call.