Insight from inside the Chip and Board

Chip Debug with ScanWorks and SourcePoint

Stylized, spherical circuitboard image with the words Hardware and Software on each side

The challenge of debugging, characterizing and verifying today’s high-performance SoCs, FPGAs and ASICs has grown exponentially as complexity increased and geometries shrunk. Fortunately, with the right tools you can access embedded debug technologies like IJTAG and Coresight. And you’ll find all the insight you need.

Rainbow stylized circuitboard

SoC Verification

Tapping into all of those DFT instruments like memory BIST should not be as complex as the SoC design you’re verifying. ScanWorks and its IJTAG tools simplify verification with one access method for all instruments, even those with IEEE 1500 wrappers that you can’t access with JTAG.

Green circuitboard

IJTAG and CoreSight

IJTAG and ARM’s CoreSight pack a whole lot of diagnostics into your SoC. ScanWorks and SourcePoint give you access to IJTAG DFT embedded instruments for hardware verification and CoreSight resources for software debug and trace. And you meet the next milestone on the development schedule!

Screenshot of software

Pre Tape-out Firmware Debug

Why wait for tape-out to make sure your firmware and software works the way you expect? By then, you’re playing catchup. You’re behind before you’ve even started. SourcePoint’s debug and trace tools let you start when you want to.