Powerful Insight Made Simple

One Debug Platform with SourcePoint

Powerful, robust, feature-rich tools for ARM® and Intel® embedded software.

Two stones balanced on a stone platform

One Set of Tools

Want to debug ARM® and Intel® designs using the same toolset? Software engineers need powerful and intuitive tools to solve complex problems. Debug and trace tools should be simple to use. With SourcePoint™, engineers have a single, intuitive interface. For both ARM and Intel environments.

Person Holding Microchip

Track Down the Bugs

SourcePoint® tools are powerful, but that’s just the beginning. The SourcePoint debugger cuts through the complexity and confusion typical of today’s multi-threaded software environments on multi-core systems-on-a-chip (SoC) to reveal nasty bugs.

Screenshot of a bug report

Insightful Analysis

SourcePoint’s™ C/C++ debugging and trace tools present views from the perspectives of both processor run-control and code trace. Across multiple concurrent software threads and processor cores, SourcePoint shows you multiple, interactive views for rapid insight.

Supporting Complex Multi-Processor Designs in a Single Environment