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execution point ($)

Display or change the current execution point (CS:EIP).


$ [=addr]



is the address of the next instruction to be executed. The $ control variable is a shorthand way of referring to the LDT:CS:EIP.


When an address including an LDT-selector, a segment-selector, and an offset is assigned to the execution point control variable, the LDT:CS:EIP register is set to that address. If an offset only is assigned to the control variable, the EIP is changed and the LDT and CS remain the same.

Caution: When you change the execution address with the execution point control variable, your disruption of the normal program flow can invalidate the run-time stack.

Examples 1

To display the current execution point:

Command input:




Example 2

To change the current execution point to the main procedure in the p_main module:

Command input:


Example 3

To hand-patch a test case at the address 0x0008:000f:000005ff:

Command input:

$ = 0x0008:000f:000005ff
asm $ = "mov ax,word ptr [0]", "mov ebx,eax"