SourcePoint Intel Help

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Watch Window Menu

A context menu can be accessed by right-clicking on a variable.

 Watch/Quick Watch window context menu

Edit menu item. The Edit menu item lets you edit values. Variable and register values can be edited by double-clicking the left mouse button or by selecting Edit from the context menu. Expression values are not editable. Watch names can also be edited.

Add menu item. The Add menu item opens an Add Watch dialog box into which you can put a the name of a variable, expression, or register or browse for one.   Once the dialog closes, the name displays automatically in a Watch or Quick Watch view (depending on which tab you have chosen), along with its value. If the Address and Type fields are enabled, data display in those columns, too.

Remove menu item. This menu item removes a highlighted line.

Open Memory Window menu item. Enabling this menu item causes the Memory window to open at the specified address listed in the Watch or Quick Watch tab.

Hexadecimal Display menu item. Select Hexadecimal to toggle between decimal and hexadecimal. Regardless of the display base, addresses are always displayed in hexadecimal. In addition, values larger than 32 bits are always displayed in hexadecimal.

Show Addresses menu item. The Show Addresses menu item displays the Addresses column with the variable address in it.

Show Types menu item. The Show Types menu item displays the Type column with the variable type listed.

Load menu item. You can load a watch or a group of watches you have saved in a ".brk" or ".prj" file by clicking on the Load menu item.

Note: Using this command replaces the watches that currently exist in the Watches tabs.

Save menu item. Clicking on the Save menu item opens a Save As dialog box.  From there you can create and save the current watch or group of watches in a ".brk" file.

Remove All menu item. This menu item removes all data from a Watch or Quick Watch tab.

Expand Children menu item. The Expand Children menu item expands all composite variables, displaying their sub-elements.

Collapse Children menu item. This menu item causes the window to collapse all composite variables that have been expanded to show their sub-elements..

Refresh menu item. Use this menu item if you are running in Monitor mode and want to refresh your values.

Properties menu item. When this menu item is selected, a Properties dialog displays. The information varies depending on the type of item selected.