SourcePoint Intel Help

Table of Contents

How to Open a Code Window

Opening the First Code Window

  1. Reset your target by clicking the Reset button on the icon toolbar or go to Processor|Reset on the menu bar. The Code window displays.

Opening Additional Code Windows With the Code Menu Item

Repeatedly go to View|Code on the menu bar or click on the Code icon on the icon toolbar several times to open the desired number of Code windows.

Open a Code Window Corresponding to a Disassembled Instruction From the Trace Window

  1. In the Trace window, position the caret on the instruction in question.

  2. Go to Trace|Open Code Window on the menu bar or right click in the Trace window to access the context menu and click on the Open Code Window menu item..

Note: If a program with source code has been loaded, the source code corresponding to the disassembly is shown. The Code window becomes a tracking Code window that updates its location every time the caret is repositioned in the Trace window.

Opening Additional Code Windows From the Symbols Window

  1. Go to View|Symbols on the menu bar.

  2. Select a function in the Symbols window and double-click the mouse.

    A Code window displays.

  3. Repeat steps 1 - 3 as necessary to open the desired number of Code windows.