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Simulate keyboard input from within a command file.


keys("keystring" [, "keystring"]+)



is a key name:




control (ctrl), alt (menu), shift


up, down, left, right


insert, delete


home, end


pgup (next), pgdn (prior)


bs, tab, enter (return), esc, pause


apps (displays context menu)


One or more of the following characters:








     ` ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )


     _ = + [ ] { } \ | ; : ' "


     , . < > / ? (space)


The keys function is used to simulate keyboard input from within a command file. The three mode keys (Control, Alt, and Shift) apply to all the rest of the keys in the command, e.g., keys ("ctrl", "f", "g") simulate pressing the keys ctrl-f followed by ctrl-g, not ctrl-f followed by a "g". Simple, single character keys can be combined within a single keystring, e.g., keys("123") is the same as keys("1", "2", "3").  


Command input:

keys("alt", "v", "c")           // opens a Code window

Command input:

keys("ctrl", "f")               // opens the Find dialog box
keys("123", "enter")            // searches for the string 123