SourcePoint Intel Help

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Log Window Introduction

Select View|Log on the menu bar to open a Log window that displays SourcePoint event information. Each event is associated with the time that it occurred, the system component that recorded the event, and the event itself.

Log window

The Log window provides a convenient display of information that is contained in the log file to which SourcePoint continually writes. SourcePoint writes to a file named SPLOG00.txt in the default directory. This file is stored in clear text and can be read directly by any text editor.

The window provides a display area for warnings and errors that occur during the operation of SourcePoint. Not all errors are logged in this window. The primary purpose is to log warnings and errors for diagnostic purposes. The information contained in the messages is designed to aid the Arium technical support staff in troubleshooting customer difficulties.

The columns can display the date and time at which the error/warning occurred, the type of message logged, and several columns about the software components of SourcePoint that originated the message. The Log window may be ignored in most situations; the Arium technical supports staff may ask for the contents of this window to assist them in solving a particular problem with SourcePoint.

The Log window fully supports Copy, Print, Print Preview, and Save functions. For more information, please refer to "File Menu" in "SourcePoint 4.0 Overview" under SourcePoint Environment.

Log Display Columns

The Log window consists of columns that are labeled in the display. The Log window displays columns from left to right are: Type, Date, Time, File [Line], Component, and Message. Any entry may be displayed over multiple lines. If an entry spans multiple lines, only the message column will display on subsequent lines.

Display of some columns is optional. For more information on which columns can be enabled/disabled and how to enable/disable them, see "Log Window Menu," part of "Log Window Overview," found under Log Window.

Type Column

Entries in the log are provided via icons and classified by type.

Information. These entries are purely informational in content. Examples of the entries of this type include log start, log end, initialization, and target acquisition.

Warning. These entries contain information about exceptional conditions that were handled successfully.

Error. These entries are errors that were not successfully handled. The system may recover, but an error usually indicates that either a request was left unsatisfied or a response was incomplete. Data may be corrupted.

Fatal. These entries are probably the last entries before SourcePoint crashes.

For more information on the icons, see, "Log Window Icon Definitions," part of "Log Window Overview," found under Log Window.

Date/Time Column

The Date/Time column contains the date and time that the entry was made in the log. This column is colored blue. Display of this column is optional.

File [Line] Column

The File [Line] column contains an abbreviated display of the name of the SourcePoint source file followed by the line number in the source file where the entry originated. This column is colored gray. Display of this column is optional and disabled by default.

Component Column

The Component column contains the logical part of SourcePoint that generated the event. This column is colored green. Display of this column is optional.

Message Column

The Message column contains the bulk of the event message. This column is colored black.