SourcePoint Intel Help

Table of Contents

Devices Window Menu

Devices Pane

 Devices window menu - Devices pane

Add Device Menu Item. Prompts for a device view file to load.  More than one file can be loaded at a time.  Each file can contain one or more device definitions. Currently displayed devices are saved in the project file, so when you exit and restart SourcePoint the devices displayed are remembered.

Remove Device Menu Item. Removes a device from the display.  This action causes the Device view file containing the device to be unloaded. If more than one device was defined in the file, then multiple devices are removed.

Remove All Devices Menu Item. Removes all devices from the display. This action unloads all Device view files.

Properties Menu Item. Shows the Device view file associated with a device.

Grid Pane

 Devices window menu - Grid pane

Edit Menu Item. Edits the value of a register or memory cell. Memory cells must have write access enabled to be editable.

Expand Menu Item. Expands a register or memory cell into binary. This view also displays any bit fields (child cells) defined within the register.

Copy Menu Item. Copies the contents of a cell to the clipboard.

Paste Menu Item. Pastes a register or memory value into a cell. This applies to non-TEXT cells.

Refresh Menu Item. Refreshes a register or memory cell. This menu item also forces a re-read of the value from the target.

Refresh All Menu Item. Refreshes all cells within a device.

Properties Menu Item. Displays the properties (attributes) of a cell. The list of properties varies by cell type.