SourcePoint Intel Help

Table of Contents

Customize the Registers Window

All changes to the Registers window are saved in the project file. These changes include register list changes, column widths for each register list, and window and pane sizes, along with the number and location of windows. The currently selected register list and processor selection are also saved.

Adding or Reordering Registers

Registers lists can be reordered. Simply drag and drop a register name to a new position in the register list.

Registers can be added to a list. Either drag the register name to the left-hand pane and drop it on another register group, or drag it to the right-hand pane of another Registers window.

Registers can be removed from a list. Select a register, right-click, and then select Remove Register.

Register lists can be restored to their original content and order by right-clicking and selecting Restore Defaults.

Resizing the Window

The size of the left-hand and right-hand panes can be adjusted by clicking on the pane separator and moving it back and forth.

The Name column can be resized by clicking on the column separator (in the heading), and moving the separator back and forth. The Name column can be automatically sized to the longest visible name by double-clicking on the column separator (in the heading). The Value column automatically re-sizes to fit the right pane.

User Register List

The User register window is no different than any other register list except that it starts out empty. Registers can be added by dragging register names from other Registers windows, by dragging a register name to the left-hand pane and dropping it on the User entry, or by right-clicking on a register name and selecting Copy to User Page.