SourcePoint Intel Help

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What's New in SourcePoint 7.10

Target Configuration - Target configuration is now handled by a series of new commands executed in the target configuration event macro.  See the new Target Configuration Application Note for more information.

Python Support - SourcePoint now has limited support for the Python Command language.

1024 Processor Support - The number of processors (threads) supported has been increased from 64 to 1024.

Haswell Support - The Haswell processor is now supported including Haswell NI instructions.

Editing of Macro File Errors - The Macro error dialog now allows opening an editor to fix macro file errors, and then resumption of the macro.

SelectFile and SelectDirectory commands - These new commands open dialogs to allow a filename or directory path to be returned to an nstring variable.

Symbol Search Improvement - The Symbol Finder dialog (Edit | Find Symbol) now allows searching for a symbol across multiple programs.

Program Save Improvement - The Program Save dialog now allows for saving a region of memory as an axf file. The Save (Upload) command also supports this.

Viewpoint View Improvements - The Viewpoint window now allows sleeping processors to be automatically hidden from the display.  It also allows for individual processors to be hidden.

The following target configuration commands have been added (see  Target Configuration Application Note for more information):