SourcePoint Intel Help

Table of Contents

File Menu - Project Menu Item

Select File|Project on the menu bar to access the following options: New Project, Load Project, Reload Project, Save Project, Save Project As, and Unload Project.

New Project Option

Select New Project to create a new project file. The wizard allows you to select a name for the project file, load a target configuration from the Target Configuration Database, edit emulator configuration parameters,  and edit target configuration parameters.

For additional information on the New Project Wizard, see, "How to Use the New Project Wizard," part of "How To - SourcePoint Environment," found under SourcePoint Environment.

Reload Project Option

Select Reload Project to reload the current project.

Save Project Option

Select Save Project to save the activated project settings file under its current file name.

Save Project As Option

Select Save Project As to open a Save As dialog box. The Save As dialog box is used to save information relevant to a window or group of windows in a project ("prj") file. The information saved includes the position, size, and parameter settings of each window. (Displayed data are not saved as they are governed by processor activity.)

Enter a file name with a "prj" extension, type in a name in the File Name text box, and click the Save button to save a window or group of windows in a project file.

Note: When SourcePoint is reopened for subsequent debugging sessions, the last window or group of windows saved as a project file is loaded automatically.

Unload Project Option

Select Unload Project to unload the current project. All windows are closed. If you have not saved the project, or if you have not saved a particular portion, you lose it when you use this option.

Caution: If you have disabled Save settings on exit under the General tab of the Preferences dialog box and you wish to retain the data and settings in a currently active window or window group, you must save the project ("prj") file before exiting SourcePoint. Select File|Save Project on the menu bar to save the file using the current name and location, or File|Save Project As to save it as another file name or location.