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Display or edit the global source path map.


globalsourcepath [= path mappings]


The globalsourcepath control variable contains a list of source file path mappings.  These mappings translate source file paths embedded in program files to actual source file paths on the host computer.  The list is a comma-delimited string of the form:

     programFilePath1 = hostFilePath1; programFilePath2 = hostFilePath2; etc.

The path map can also be specified in the Program Load dialog (when the program is loaded), or from Options | Preferences | Program.

Note:  This control variable only has an effect when the "Share source file path map among all programs" option is enabled in Options | Preferences | Program.

Example 1

To set the source file path mappings:

Command input:

globalsourcepath = "C:\\AA\\WDB\\6.9.2\\wdb32=C:\\AA\WDB\\6.9.1"

Example 2

To display the current source file path mappings:

Command input:




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