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Load a previously saved SourcePoint window layout.





specifies a filename.  See Filenames for details.


The loadlayout function loads a SourcePoint window layout. A window layout is a set of open SourcePoint windows along with their locations, sizes, docking style, etc. The default file extension is .LYT. A set of layout files can be developed, each with a specific debugging purpose in mind, which can be quickly accessed.  Although multiple project files can be used to accomplish this same functionality, loading a layout is less disruptive because it only affects windows from the View menu that are open.

Keying in the command closes all existing windows, then opens the windows specified in the layout file in the same size, position, and docking style in which they were saved.

Note:  If the loadlayout command is executed from a macro file, it must be the last command in the file.   


Command input:


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