SourcePoint Intel Help

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Log Window Menu

To display a Log window menu, a Log window must be on your screen. The Log window menu can then be found on the menu bar or made available by right-clicking in the Log window.

Log window menu

Filter menu item. Various filters can be used to collect different types of data, including Fatal Errors, Non-Fatal Errors, Warnings, Information, and Log Errors Only.

Display menu Item. The Display menu item allows you to choose between icons and text to describe the type of log entry and enable/disable the Date/Time column, the Code or File [Line] column and the Component column. It also allows you to display a single line of code. The column-related options are described in more detail below.

  • Type Icon option. Select the Type Icon option to change the method of displaying the type of log event. If enabled, small icons are displayed. If disabled, the corresponding word (e.g. Error, Fatal) is displayed. The Type column contents display in black by default. Switching to a text display may be helpful before saving the log contents to a file or for a Copy command.

  • Date/Time option. Enable the Date/Time option to show the date and the time that the entry was made in the log. The Date and Time columns display in blue by default.

  • Code option. Enable the Code option to show the SourcePoint source file name and the line in the source file that generated the entry. This information makes the source of the log entry completely unambiguous and has been found to be very effective in pinpointing trouble spots. The Code column contents display in gray by default.

  • Component option. Enable the Component column option to display the logical SourcePoint component making the log entry. The component column contents display in green by default.

Refresh menu item. The Refresh menu item causes the Log window to reinitialize completely and redisplay the log. Use this menu item if the Log window contents appear corrupted or out of date.

Clear menu item. The Clear menu item simply clears the current log file display.

Log to Disk menu item. Clicking on this menu item brings up the Log to Disk dialog box. From the dialog you can select the size of the log file and the number of files.

Copy menu item. The Copy menu item allows you to copy the Log window. It is accessible only in the context menu (available by right-clicking on the Log window).