SourcePoint Intel Help

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Debug Variables

There are two types of variables: control variables and debug variables.

Control variables are predefined variables in SourcePoint.  See Control Variables for a list of these variables and links to their individual help topics.

Debug variables are defined by the user with the define command.  They can be displayed with the show command, and removed with the remove command.

Debug variable types include integers, reals, strings, and pointers (for accessing target memory). Pointers to debug variables are not supported.

Debug variables arrays are supported (see Debug Variable Arrays).  Debug variable structures are not supported.

Debug variable names are case sensitive.  Names are of the form:

{Letter}[Letter | Digit]*


Digit       [0-9]

Letter     [a-zA-Z_@]


define ord4 x1 = 100h        // 32-bit unsigned integer variable

define int16 y               // 16-bit signed integer variable

define nstring foo = ”abcd”  // string variable

define ptr addr = 0x1000     // pointer variable into target memory

define nstring names[10t]    // 10 element array of strings

define real8 percent = 0.4   // 64-bit floating point variable

define bool bEnable = false  // Boolean variable