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Read settings within SourcePoint.


[result =] readsetting(type, name)



specifies an ord4 variable to which the function return value is assigned. If result is not specified, the return value is displayed on the next line of the screen.


is an nstring or string constant specifying the type of setting.


is an nstring or string constant specifying the setting name.


The readsetting command is used to read settings within SourcePoint. Usually, these settings are changed via the UI (e.g., the Emulator Configuration dialog box). There are times, however, when it is convenient to be able to change these settings within a macro file.

The type argument specifies the type of setting to change. Currently, the only type supported is ”em” for emulator configuration settings.

The name argument specifies the name of the setting to change. The name is not what is displayed in the UI, but rather the name used in the SourcePoint project file. Names can be obtained by looking in the project file in the emulator configuration section.


The following example returns the Adaptive TCK setting. The possible values are 0, 1 and 2 corresponding to which radio button is selected in the UI.

Command input:

readsetting("em", "AdaptiveTck")


00000001H      // 1 = Use adaptive TCK

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