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Display or change the emulator’s current JTAG clock rate.


tck [= clockrate]


clockrate            is a string specifying the new value for the JTAG clock rate


The JTAG clock rate controls the speed of the interface between the emulator and the target. A higher frequency provides better response from the target, but not all targets support all frequencies as this is hardware dependent.

The tck control variable provides command support for the JTAG clock rate setting found on the Emulator Configuration dialog box under Options | Emulator Configuration. Click on the JTAG Clock tab.

The clockrate argument must be delimited by double-quotes, is case-sensitive, and must be identical to one of the JTAG clock rate strings found on the aforementioned dialog.

For more information, see "Options Menu-Emulator Configuration."

Example 1

To display the current setting:

Command input:



2.0 MHz

Example 2

To set the JTAG clock rate to 12.0 MHz:

Command input:

tck = "12.0 MHz"



12.0 MHz

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