SourcePoint Intel Help

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Viewpoint Processor and Processor Overrides

The following applies to multi-processor targets only.

Viewpoint Processor

The viewpoint processor is a application-wide setting that indicates the default processor to use when none is specified.

There are several ways to display and/or set the viewpoint processor:

  1. The command line prompt in the Command view displays the viewpoint (e.g., P0>).

  2. The Status Bar at the bottom of the SourcePoint main window shows the current viewpoint processor.

  3. The view control variable can be used to display or set the current viewpoint.

  4. The viewpoint view displays and changes the current viewpoint.

There are several windows that display data from a particular processor (Code, Memory, Registers, etc.).  These views all have a viewpoint submenu that allows a particular processor to be specified.  In addition, these views can be configured to track the viewpoint processor, so that when the viewpoint is changed, the window will automatically switch to displaying data from the new viewpoint.

Processor Overrides

There are numerous commands that affect a single processor (e.g., read/write a processor register, read/write processor memory, go, stop, step, etc.).  By default, the viewpoint processor is used.  

A processor override can be specified to cause the command to act on a different processor than the current viewpoint.  The override is a prefix of the form [px].  


stop           // stop the viewpoint processor.

[p1]stop       // stop P1

ord4 0x100     // read 4 bytes of memory at address 0x100 (viewpoint)

[p2]ord4 0x100 // read 4 bytes or memory at address 0x100 (P2)

[p0]pc         // read the PC from processor P0

Certain commands can also use the All processor override (e.g., [all]stop stops all processors).

Processor Numbering

Processors are numbered P0, P1, ... Pn depending on the number of processors in the target.  P0 is the first processor on the JTAG chain, P1 is the next, etc.

Processor names can be changed to more meaningful names in Options | Target Configuration | Devices.