SourcePoint Intel Help

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What's New in SourcePoint 7.10.1

IvyTown - Support added for IvyTown including ureg_raw command and Python-CLI device model.

Alternate Processor Numbering - SourcePoint now supports both the Arium and ITP processor numbering schemes.  The ITP numbering scheme is selected by setting the ItpCompatible control variable true.

LX-INT - The LX-INT tab in the Emulator Configuration dialog has been reworked to support the new LX-INT rev E-1 adapter.

GD Bit - SourcePoint now supports the GD bit in DR6 to break on target software modifying the DR registers.

Improved Program Load Verification - When verifying a program loaded symbols only, SourcePoint now allows individual sections to be excluded from the verify (e.g., the Init section in a Linux kernel load).