SourcePoint Intel Help

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What's New in SourcePoint 7.9

Version 7.9.1

Multiple Trace views - Support for up to 10 trace views showing any combination of LBR, BTS and Event Trace.

Time-aligned Trace views - Trace views can be time aligned so scrolling one scrolls the other (BTS and Event trace only).

Advanced mode - Show or hide advanced configuration settings by enabling or disabling advanced mode (Options | Preferences | General).

Search across programs - The Symbol Finder Dialog (Edit | Find Symbol) now allows for searching across all programs loaded in SourcePoint (useful in EFI debug).

Version 7.9

Event Trace - Support for Intel Event Trace (requires special BIOS or processor patch)

BTS Timestamp - BTS trace data is now timestamped (requires special BIOS or processor patch).