SourcePoint Intel Help

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File Menu - Layout Menu Item

A layout is the set of open SourcePoint windows along with their locations, sizes, docking type, etc. The default file extension is .LYT. You can develop a set of layout files, each with a specific debugging purpose in mind, and can quickly access one when needed. Although you can just use multiple project files to accomplish this same functionality, loading a layout is less disruptive because it only affects the windows in the View menu that are open, including their locations, and sizes. Whereas loading a project file completely resets SourcePoint's entire state.  Select the Layout menu item to load or save a layout file that you have generated.

Load Layout Menu Item

To load a user-generated SourcePoint layout that has been saved, click on Load Layout menu item in the File menu. Select the file you want to load.

Save Layout Menu Item

To save a user-generated SourcePoint layout, click on Save Layout option in the File menu. Select the file you want to save.