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How to Open a Memory Window

To open a Memory window, go to View|Memory from the menu bar or click on the Memory window icon. The Address dialog box displays showing the address of the current DS register value.

Address dialog box

Enter a starting address in the Memory Address text box, using one of the following address styles:

  • Linear Address (exprL) = Real or Protected Mode.

  • Physical Address (exprP) = Real or Protected Mode (same as Linear address if paging is not in effect).

  • Offset (expr) = Equivalent of DS:Offset.

  • Segment Value: Offset (expr:expr) = Value selected for segment plus value selected for offset.

  • Segment Register: Offset (XS:expr) = Uppercase designation for CS, DS, ES, FS, GS, or SS register plus value selected for offset (e.g., CS:EIP).

  • LDTR: Selector: Offset (expr:expr:expr) = Value selected for LDTR plus values selected for selector (segment register) and offset. This style is used in Protected mode only.

Note: Several Memory windows can be opened to view different areas of memory at the same time. The maximum number of open Memory windows is limited only by available memory in the host and available screen space. However, each opened window is refreshed from the target on run, stop or step. The more memory that must be refreshed, the slower the windows update.