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File Menu - Print Menu Items

There are three print menu items in the File menu: Print, Print Preview, and Print Setup.

To go directly to the description of one of these menu items, click below:

Print Menu Item

Print Preview Menu Item

Print Setup Menu Item

Print Menu Item

  1. Select File|Print on the menu bar to print. A Range dialog box displays.

  1. Choose to print all or a portion of a selection. The range may be of one of the following types:



All of the data, both visible and not visible, from the currently selected window.

Current Display

The data from the lines currently displayed in the selected window. This is the default unless text has been selected.


The data that has already been highlighted in a window. Text selection can be accomplished via the keyboard (e.g., shifting the right arrow) or via the mouse (e.g., dragging the mouse over the region while holding down the left mouse button). This is the default when text has been selected. Otherwise, the current display is the default.


Specific data can be identified via beginning and ending range information. The unit of measure will vary, depending on the window.

Note: Many of the windows in SourcePoint (but not all) have the capability to print their contents. You are prompted for a range to print. You may want to limit the range of print because the total potentially could be huge.

  1. Click on the OK button. The Range dialog box closes. A standard Windows© Print dialog box displays.

  2. Determine print options.

  3. Click the OK button.

 Print Preview Menu Item

Select File|Print Preview on the menu bar to view the selected window as it will appear when printed. Once displayed, print setup options are available from the preview screen.

Print Preview initially shows data from the beginning. By using the range selection dialog box at print time, you can start at another location. In the Print Preview window, use the Next Page and Prev Page buttons or the scroll bars to see other potential pages of print.

Print Setup Menu Item

Select File|Print Setup on the menu bar to access printer options. Printer selection and other default printer options are specified from this screen.

The print setup varies depending on the print capabilities at your site. Each printer has a number of capabilities that may be used to configure a print environment. The two most common items to change in Print Setup dialog box are the printer and the orientation of the image (profile or landscape). While SourcePoint supports many printing devices, the colored window displays and windows that have contents that are wide may not print well on your printer. High resolution PS-capable printers have been found to provide the best output. For wide displays, consider using a landscape orientation.

By changing the print setup parameters, you can change those parameters for all applications that print on that device (not just SourcePoint). If this is a problem, change the parameters each time you print something from within SourcePoint rather than changing the print setup. Modifications made during a particular print job aren't persistent like those made during the print setup.