SourcePoint Intel Help

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Enable Intel ITP compatibility.


itpcompatible = {true | false}


The itpcompatible control variable changes SourcePoint behavior to be more compatible with the Intel ITP command language.  When enabled command abbreviations, and alternate register names are not allowed.  This helps prevent keyword conflicts when running ITP macro files.  The default is false.

Example 1

When ITP compatibility is disabled the keyword length may be abbreviated to "len".

Command input:

itpcompatible = false

ord4 0 len 10


00000000 E59FF018 E59FF018 E59FF018 E59FF018

00000010 E59FF018 E1A00000 E59FF018 E59FF018

00000020 FFF01D88 FFF03444 FFF01DBC FFF034E0

00000030 FFF03520 00000000 FFF0389C FFF02032

Example 2

When ITP compatibility is enabled the keyword length may no longer be abbreviated.

Command input:

itpcompatible = true

ord4 0 len 10


Syntax error: ord4 0 _len 10