Case Studies

The defense industry is facing many challenges today as it moves at an unprecedented rate with the adoption of new hardware technologies to combat today’s growing cybersecurity threats. The requirements often call for smaller and more sophisticated designs. To meet these design challenges, defense contractors are turning to System-on-Chip (SoC) silicon.

ScanWorks® Processor-based Fast Programming uses a target agent that is task specific to configure embedded controllers to gain access to the flash components. By using On-Chip Memory (OCM)…

EMS firm finds that JTAG testing with ScanWorks pays for itself by saving “money, time and company resources.”
Zebra Technologies’ portable printer line had reached the end of the road with in-circuit test (ICT). Faced with a new design that could accommodate only 10 – 15 percent node coverage on an ICT system, Charley Ulmschneider, Zebra’s manager of manufacturing test engineering, had to come up with a more effective high-volume manufacturing test strategy than ICT could provide.
In the high-end server industry, systems are expected to operate 24 X 7, with extreme performance and close to zero outage downtime. A leading server OEM looked to ASSET to deliver embedded Intel In-Target Probe (ITP) tools for root-cause identification of the most intermittent, difficult-to-debug hardware, firmware and software faults.