Defense contractor uses ScanWorks PFx tool to solve tough DDR problem in Zynq-7000 design

The defense industry is facing many challenges today as it moves at an unprecedented rate with the adoption of new hardware technologies to combat today’s growing  cybersecurity threats. The requirements often call for smaller and more sophisticated designs. To meet these design challenges, defense contractors are turning to System-on-Chip (SoC) silicon.  The nature of the SoC with embedded bus/memory controllers and small footprint is just the ticket for these designs. However, there is a cost associated with the SoC, and that is often complexity in the form of test software. During board bring-up,  test software is rarely available, and that lag can significantly impact the hardware delivery schedule. In this Case Study, the customer recognized the significant cost, potential schedule impact and overall risk they faced in going down the “develop everything yourself” path. Thus,  they reached out to find an off-the shelf solution that could be used immediately, thus saving significant time and money.

photo of f35