SourcePoint Intel Help

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SourcePoint Icon Toolbar

The SourcePoint toolbar displayed on the SourcePoint main window directly links toolbar buttons to menu items. Clicking on a desired toolbar button executes a procedure in the same manner as selecting that same menu item from its corresponding menu.

Icons are organized into several groups. They are listed below along with information on the attendant context menu.

Icon Groups


Load Project, Reload Project, Save Project, Save Project As, Load Program, Reload Program, Load Macro, Update Emulator Flash, Program Target Flash


Execute Macro 0, Execute Macro 1, Execute Macro 2, Macro 3*


Cut, Copy, Paste, Search, Replace


Go, Stop, Step Into, Step Over, Step Out Of, Reset, Connect**, Disconnect**, Snapshot


View 1

Breakpoints window, Code window, Command window,  Log window, Symbols window, Trace window, Watch window, Devices window, Memory window, Registers window, Viewpoint window

View 2

Descriptors Table window, Devices window, Page Translation window, PCI Devices window


Close, Cascade, Tile Windows Horizontally, Tile Windows Vertically, Arrange Icons, Close All


Print, Print Preview



* You can customize the toolbar to include as many as 10 macros.
** Connects or disconnects emulator from target

Context Menus

Right clicking on any icon brings up a context menu displaying  the icon groups, icon displays with or without text options, and a toolbar customization option. You can choose to display text next to all icons or next to a single icon group.

File, Macro, etc. menu items. The menu items in the top section of the menu let you choose which groups of icons you want to display. All icons are displayed by default.

Icons Only and Icons & Text menu items. You can choose to display text next to all icons or next to a single icon group. You can also choose to display the icons without text via the context menu.


Portion of toolbar showing all icons with text


Portion of toolbar showing a single icon group with text

Customize Menu Item

If you click on the Customize menu item, you are taken to a Customize Toolbar dialog box. From there you can customize your toolbar to best meet your needs. For more information, go to the topic, "Edit Icon Groups to Customize Your Toolbars" found under "How To - SourcePoint Environment," part of the SourcePoint Overview.