SourcePoint Intel Help

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Processor Menu

Items in the Processor menu let you "step through" source or assembly code in various ways. The menu contains Go, Stop, Step Into, Step Over, Step Out Of, Reset, and Snapshot menu items. These are described in detail below.

Note: For more information on stepping, see the topic entitled, "Stepping" found under Technical Notes.

Go Menu Item

Select Processor|Go on the menu bar to start program execution at the current instruction pointer (IP). The processor stops when a breakpoint is encountered. If no breakpoints are set, the processor is stopped by executing the Stop menu item.

Stop Menu Item

Select Processor|Stop on the menu bar to halt the processor.

Step Into Menu Item

This single-steps the next instruction in the program and enters each function call that is encountered. This is useful for detailed analysis of all execution paths in a program.

Step Over Menu Item

This single-steps the next instruction in the program and runs through each function call that is encountered without showing the steps in the function. This is useful for analysis of the current routine while skipping the details of called routines.

Step Out Of Menu Item

Step Out Of causes the processor to run until it comes to the end of the current subroutine and returns to the next high level of the call stack. This is useful as a quick way to get back to the parent routine.

Reset Menu Item

Select the Reset menu item to reset the processor(s).

Snapshot Menu Item

Select Snapshot on the menu bar or icon bar to enable this menu item.  When this item is enabled and the target is running, the target is stopped, all windows are refreshed, and the target is restarted. If the target is not running, no action occurs.