SourcePoint Intel Help

Table of Contents

File Menu

For easier navigation, we have broken the subjects covered in this menu into several topics.  Please click on the hyperlinked text below for documentation on a specific File menu item.

Project Menu Item - Options are New Project, Load Project, Reload Project, Save Project, Save Project As, and Unload Project.

Layout Menu Item - Options are Load Layout and Save Layout.

Program Menu Item - Options are Load Program, Reload Program, Remove All Programs, and Save Program.

Macro Menu Item - Options are Load Macro and Configure Macros.

Print Menu Items - Options are Print, Print Preview, and Print Setup.

Update Emulator Flash Menu Item - There are no other options with this menu item.

Program Target Devices Menu Item - Options are Program Flash and Program PLD.

Other Menu Items - Save As, Recent Projects, Recent Layouts, Recent Programs, Recent Macros, Exit menu items.