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Display or modify software breakpoints.


[[px]] swbreak addr [,addr,...]



is the viewpoint override, including punctuation ([]), specifying that the viewpoint is temporarily set to processor x of the boundary scan chain.  The processor can be specified as px (where x is the processor ID), or an alias you have defined for a given processor ID.  ALL cannot be used as a viewpoint override.


specifies a virtual, physical or symbolic address.


Use the swbreak command to set or display software emulation breakpoints.  Use the swremove command to remove software breakpoints. A list of all breakpoints can be viewed in the Breakpoints window.

The emulator inserts software breakpoints into memory before entering emulation. When the target processor hits a breakpoint, the emulator removes all software breakpoints from memory (this feature causes the software breakpoints to appear to be invisible). When re-entering emulation using the go command, the emulator automatically single-steps the first instruction if a software breakpoint has been inserted there. The emulator then re-inserts all the software breakpoints into memory and continues emulation until the next specified breakpoint.

Caution: Do not use software breakpoints in a paged memory system. The emulator modifies the code to place the breakpoints. If the code is paged out of memory, the modifications remain in the code, corrupting it. Use hardware breakpoints instead.

Note: Do not set software breakpoints in a data area. The emulator may report errors on breaking from emulation.

Note: This command does not display if a software breakpoint is enabled or disabled. See the softbreak command for enable/disable information.

Example 1

To set a software breakpoint at physical address 1000

Command input:

swbreak 1000p

Example 2

To display all software breakpoints:

Command input:


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