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Invalidate the processor's internal caches.


[[px]] flush [nowriteback]



is the viewpoint override, including punctuation ( [ ] ), specifying that the viewpoint is temporarily set to processor x of the boundary scan chain.  The processor can be specified as px (where x is the processor ID), or an alias you have defined for a given processor ID.  ALL cannot be used as a viewpoint override.


clears writeback, which is the default condition for the flush command.


Use the flush command to invalidate the processor's internal caches. In a multiprocessor system, only the caches for the current viewpoint are invalidated. The flush command can only be used when the target is stopped.

The invd and wbinvd instructions are equivalent to flush nowriteback and flush, respectively.


Command inputs:

flush                   // same as wbinvd instruction

flush nowriteback       // same as invd instruction

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