Category: Boundary Scan

Boundary Scan devices must be capable of executing all Boundary Scan instructions specified by the IEEE 1149.1 standard. If the Boundary Scan devices are not capable of executing these instructions correctly, the ScanWorks test actions that is built, when applied to the UUT, will return incorrect data. This blog goes into details for how to build the ScanPath Verify action using ScanWorks.
It’s been great to reconnect with our Boundary Scan customers across the United States and Europe over the last several months discussing the new and exciting projects they have in the works. It’s also exciting to learn how our Boundary Scan product, ScanWorks, will play an integral role in the test, debug, validation, and deployment of these products. During one of these recent visits to a company that I consider a real power user of ScanWorks, the engineering manager who was participating in the meeting asked, “What is the best way for our new engineers to learn Boundary Scan?”