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Programming NOR or large NAND flash devices can be done using a variety of technologies, including boundary scan (JTAG), processor-controlled test (emulation), or FPGA-controlled test. Which embedded instrument you use is a trade-off between speed, complexity and cost.
The new Sandy Bridge E (Enthusiast) processors are a gamer’s delight. With the new LGA2011 socket and X79 chipset, Intel Sandy Bridge-E series processors come with enhanced performance overclocking support. But is it worth the money?
OEMs in the telecom industry invest in verifying the performance and conformance of the high-speed interconnects off their gear. Does the same approach apply to chip-to-chip interconnects, and in other industries?
Ever heard the old saw about the guy (gal) that “went to a fight and a hockey game broke out”? I’d characterize the ongoing debate on the value and longevity of In-Circuit Test (ICT) as a bit of a brawl…