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At their developers conference two weeks ago, PCI-SIG representatives talked about doubling the bandwidth of PCI Express 3.0, while still preserving channel runs of up to 20 inches, the length of the traditional server’s data path. How is this achieved?
To quote Ransom Stephens in the DesignCon Community Blog, “BIST (Built-In System Test), is an acronym that would keep executives at test-and-measurement companies awake at night, if they knew what it meant.” What’s he talking about?
Our chief technologist of non-intrusive board test, Adam Ley, recently published an e-Book on solving the problem of diminishing test coverage from In-Circuit Test (ICT). What’s the key take-away from this publication?
Brian Bailey, editor of EETimes’ EDA Designline, recently penned a blog questioning the ubiquity and value of embedded instrumentation within chips. It’s a fascinating and timely read, and I’d like to put my two cents worth in…
PCI Express (PCIe) buses, in particularly Gen3, are susceptible to defects which may be masked from conventional test. What are these defects and how are they detected?