Category: Non-intrusive Board Test (NBT)

Today’s flying probe testers can give high structural test coverage, making them ideal for prototype board bring-up and low-volume manufacturing. But they can be darned slow. Can boundary scan help?
Board bring-up is a phased process whereby an electronics system is repeatedly tested, validated and debugged, in order to achieve readiness for manufacture. This process can take so long that a product never gets to market because it is succeeded by the next generation...
I was reflecting on how much processor speeds, memory, and data transmission rates have increased over the last few decades. And yet the same old tools and techniques are often used to bring up new designs. When do you think we fall off the cliff?
Ever heard the old saw about the guy (gal) that “went to a fight and a hockey game broke out”? I’d characterize the ongoing debate on the value and longevity of In-Circuit Test (ICT) as a bit of a brawl…
One of our customers was experiencing field returns when 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports started failing to pass traffic at full line rate. How could they test for these failing boards in manufacturing and prevent them from getting out to customers?
Board bring up of an early prototype is one of the most important steps for a design team. The first boards must pass through a battery of tests to demonstrate that the hardware is rock-solid. Non-intrusive technologies can be used to accelerate this process.